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Birthday Parties

Gymnastics, Circus, Ninja, or Dance Birthday Party

Enjoy a fun, safe, happy time for a birthday or any day for a special party setting!

Try something new and exciting!! No previous experience required!!

Start in the gym or dance studio with all the participants joining in whatever your party calls for -  stretching, jumping, tumbling, dancing, juggling, etc.
Finish at the party area with your cake, gifts, and favors. You bring the food, plates and utensils. Refrigerator space is limited. We clean up after the fun.
Invite guests to come no more than 10 minutes before the time to start. Be sure to dress for movement and safety. No shoes in the gym area. Play clothes (leos, t-shirts, bike shorts, sweats) are preferred. NO zippers, snaps or buttons allowed. NO jewelry or items in pockets. Long hair must be pulled back. Be sure their rides are clear about the finish and pick-up times.
The best ages to enjoy the party are kids 4 years of age and older. Adults have a great time too. 2-year olds may participate if they are currently enrolled in our Tumble Tot program. NO EXCEPTIONS. ALL 2 and 3 years olds must be accompanied by a parent at all times.
To avoid any possible confusion, and to try to eliminate the potential for injury, safety rules MUST be followed.   Some of the most important are as follows:
bulletWe supply you with special invitations that include a consent form.  CONSENT FORMS, SIGNED BY A PARENT OR LEGAL GUARDIAN, MUST BE AT GYM FOR ALL PARTYGOERS TO PARTICIPATE.  ALL activity must be supervised, no exceptions. 
bulletNo running in the gym unless instructed to do so by staff member.
bulletAll activity must remain in the building unless pre-arranged.  Certain areas are off limits, and will be explained at the start of the party.
bulletThe size of the group and the ages of the participants may create the need for other rules which will be explained at that time.
bulletSpace is limited. Times fill quickly.  Be sure to reserve well in advance. 
bulletFor safety reasons, staffing is arranged according to the number of guests stated at time of reservation,  regulations by the insurance company demand we hold to a strict guest/coach ratio. 
bulletFinish promptly - there is often a group right after you.

$120.00 for 1 1/2 hours of great fun for up to 8 partygoers (including the birthday kid). 

Add $12.00 for each additional guest.  If 2nd birthday kid in one party, add $10.00. 

$75.00 deposit due at time of booking your party.

If you need to stay longer than your hour and a half, it MUST be arranged when reserving your party.  This extra time applies only to the food and gifts area and is an additional $50.00 per half hour. 

Remember, because of the popularity of our parties, times are booked back to back.

Follow these easy steps:
bulletReserve a convenient Saturday or custom time.  Parties are scheduled when there are no other activities are going on.  Tell us about the occasion and your guests; we'll do our best.
bulletTurn in the reservation form and the $75 nonrefundable deposit and pick up our special invitations within three days of confirmation.
bulletConfirm the number of guests one week before the party.  For safety and insurance reasons, staffing is booked for parties according to the number of children who are scheduled to attend.
bulletArrive 10 minutes early to greet your guests. Show them to the party area to leave food, shoes, jackets and gifts.
bulletYour cake and gifts follow after the gym activities. You provide the food and utensils. We clean up after the party. We supply helium balloons and free class coupons for your party participants. Remember to bring matches, candles, and a knife.

Need more information or want to make reservations?

Just email us or call us at 425-432-9999!

updated 5/10/16