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Our Philosophy

Why take gymnastics?

Gymnastics helps develop the whole person, besides being one of the most exciting and fulfilling of all sports.
It builds a solid foundation of strength, speed, grace and balance, as well as promoting discipline, self-confidence, perseverance and pride in accomplishment.
Summit programs are designed to give your child a strong foundation in gymnastics and lifetime fitness.
Our skill level program provides consistent positive experiences in a complete gymnastics setting with equipment in graduated sizes for added safety.  It is our goal to help all students learn and understand the safe way of our sport while keeping it an enjoyable adventure in preparing for school, team athletics, or recreation.
We help children realize and achieve the highest level possible by developing their individual gifts and abilities.
Because we are a full year program, children can enroll at any time in a class that best suits their age and experience.

Need more information?

Just email us or call us at 425-432-9999!

updated 5/10/16