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2018 - 2019  Trampoline & Tumbling  

Our  Tumbling and Trampoline Program (T&T) is designed for two groups:


Those interested in gymnastics skills as a supplement to other training such as cheerleading, dance performance, horse vaulting, baton twirling and diving.


Students training to compete in Power Tumbling, Sports Acrobatics and/or Trampoline.


Equipment includes:




Double Mini-trampolines


Regulation-size Euro Trampolines


2 In-ground Trampolines


60-foot long Tumbling Trampoline


6-foot deep Loose Foam Landing Pit


6'x40' Spring Floor


84' Regulation Tumbling Rod Floor


T&T follows a proven, progressive skills program of training.


Class Times - Please refer to Class Overview page. Thank you







* 3 & 4 yr olds must have been in a structured class for a minimum of 3 months and have teacher permission prior to joining a Trampoline & Tumbling class.  


Trampoline and Tumbling Team

Students can be invited onto the T&T Team by the coaching staff or progress through the recreational levels and then decide if they would like to join team.  Our team is highly successful and a lot of fun.  Team members train from 3 - 10 hours weekly and compete and place well in both local, regional and national competitions.

Team Tryouts will be posted throughout the gym when scheduled.

Parents please stop by the office to sign up for the mandatory info meeting.

Need more information?

Just email us or call us at 425-432-9999!

Please call ahead for confirmation of class space available.


updated 8/14/18