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Toddler Fitness
Child development experts agree that the foundation of the future development is formed in the first few years of a child's life. 

It is the time in which a child learns to express affection, and acquire self-esteem and social skills.

Our Tumble Tot program is designed to assist parents help their toddlers reach their physical, emotional and mental potential through interactive play using educationally proven techniques.

Class Times (Ages Walking to 3 years with Parent)


bulletPlease refer to Class Overview Page for current class times



In the Transition Tot program children enhance their self-confidence, body awareness and coordination by continuing a gymnastics-based curriculum that also includes rhythms, ball skills, loco-motor skills and more for fun and excitement in learning.

Class Times (Age 3 years with Minimal Parent Help)

Transition Tots (45 minutes)


Please refer to Class Overview Page for current class times


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